Velamma Episode 126 – Rickshaw Rendezvous

Read the Velamma episode 126 comics in which you can see that Velamma aunty is getting fucked in the rickshaw. Now how she trapped in this situation find out.

Velamma Episode 126

Read Overview of Velamma Episode 126 – Rickshaw Rendezvous

Hello friends, welcome to your favorite website and today we have another fap worthy story of Velamma and her tharki habits. This story is particularly interesting because it happens outdoor, which is kind of extra kinky if you ask me. So this is how the adventure goes. Velamma’s husband has purchased a new car as you know already, but he is too much in love with it. As a result he doesn’t let anyone else drive it, not even his loving wife Velamma.

The poor lady had no option but to hire a auto for transport her to her errands. One such days when she was on her way to the market, the auto driver wanted to impress the sexy bhabhi so decided to take her on a joyride. But, the joyride was cut short when the auto rickshaw broke down in the middle of nowhere. Velamma was asking the driver to repair and get going but he was too lazy to try and just gave up after few tries. Now Velamma decided to use her Trump Card… Her sexy body to get the work done and it got more exciting when another auto rickshaw arrived.

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