Velamma Episode 125 – Self-Defense: A New Technique

Read the Velamma Episode 125 in which she is taking a martial arts training. But from the cover we can see her nude and giving handjob.


Read Overview of Velamma Episode 125 – Self-Defense: A New Technique

In this episode we can see some really nasty adventure of our velamma aunty. In the broad daylight we can see that velamma is got attacked by someone. A thief here tried to take her new handbag. But there is a young female marital arts students is nearby who comes to the rescue. She gave some hard time to the thief in which she got few bruises but she cant get her handbag.
But this incident make velamma to think about herself and need to take a self-defense class for herself. She also thinks that she is out of the shape due to marriage. She used to be good at martial arts in her early days. Now after the training velamma got promoted to the advanced class. Where she gives a difficult time to the real MMA fighters. Now what is going to happen next for that we need to read the full comics now.

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