Savita Bhabhi Episode 139 The Perfect Storm

Check out the Savita bhabhi episode 139 in which she is having sex adventure around Ashok. How the bhabhi is going her last time sex on the Yacht with other peoples.

Savita Bhabhi Episode 139

Read Overview of Savita Bhabhi Episode 139 The Perfect Storm

Hello friends, welcome to your favourite place to relax reading the adventures of our beloved Savita Bhabhi. As we all know, Savita Bhabhi is 24/7 horny and she never wastes any opportunity to enjoy good fuck. It so happens that Savita’s husband had a meeting with buisness client on a Yatch. But unfortunately, he has terrible seasickness because of which he decided to take Savita along with him. Also he knew that keeping the sexy wife around will make the clients happy.

And so it happens that the meeting begins on the Yatch with Savita Bhabhi looking ravishing as always. However, an hour after the weather turns bad and they are caught in the middle of a flash storm. Everyone onboard is terrified unable to think that this could well be their last moments in this world. However, our Savita Bhabhi is not going to go down without a bang so what ensues next is a hardcore fuck fest on the Yatch.

To find out what happened next, read on… Also if you forget to read the previous episode then go to episode 138.

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