Velamma Episode 103 – A Woman Has Her Ways

Indian Sex Comics lovers here in this Velamma Episode 103 you are going to check how the aunty is ready to do the lesbian sex with her hot friend.

Velamma Episode 103

Read Comics Episode 103 – A Woman Has Her Ways

Now in the previous episode, you have read how the Velamma aunty is helm Ramesh from the mafia. She now prepared herself to get a proper job to Ramesh, so she started searching for a job for him. But unluckily that is not going as per her expectation. Now, this gives a lousy impact, and Ramesh is now feeling frustrated due to unemployment.
Now she goes to get advice from her personal and professional mentor; her name is Professor Anushka Reddy. She is a sexy lesbian girl too which we can watch that on the cover page. Anushka knows how to get a job for Ramesh. But for doing this, she required some favour from her. Now, this is the glistening step of Velamma to get his hubby a steady paycheck in this episode 103!

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