Velamma Episode 102 – Bhaang-ed Up

Now the Indian festival Holi is around the corner so our beloved aunty is back with the new episode Velamma Episode 102 in which her body is having all the different colors.

Velamma Episode 102

Read Velamma Comics Velamma Episode 102 – Bhaang-ed Up

As you guys read in the previous episode, velamma saved her husband from the bad guys. Now the gangster named Fat Mohit who settle these disagreements with her husband. He was so impressed with the aunty charms that he allows the Ramesh to kept working on the job. You are going to read that Ramesh is kept his career, and all this credit goes to out sexy aunty.
But Ramesh wants to earn more, so his greed yet again got a conflict with mafia during Holi. Now, this gangster won’t give a second chance to anybody, so does this fat mafia man Mohit going to give another chance. If he enjoyed his wife, then also he won’t spare Ramesh this time. Now how can velamma do to save her husband from this nasty gangster? Now check out the special holiday episode in which you are going to get naughty sex color and exciting story too?

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