Velamma Episode 101 – An Offer She Can’t Refuse

Velamma comics lovers here in this Velamma Episode 101 you are going to know how the Indian wife is saving her husband from doing illegal activity.

Velamma Episode 101

Read Velamma Comics Velamma Episode 101 – An Offer She Can’t Refuse

Now in previous episodes, you have read how the Ramesh and the Velamma celebrated their wedding anniversary. Now both of them are patched up with their differences. Both of their marriage also gots back on the track here. Here the Ramesh is still thought of being a generous husband he ever been which not let goes her wife away.

Now Velamma is in doubtful that Ramesh is not having a proper job. Then how he is managing to get some costly gifts to the wife and the children?

Here Velamma is now trying to find out from where Ramesh is trying to get this kind of amount. She finds out that he is stealing from a secret employer. This employer is not having a proper organization and having a fake company listed on the Bombay stock exchange. After this, she decided to save Ramesh from this lethal kind of activity.

As from the cover, you can see bhabhi is sitting on the table, and she is holding a gun in her hands. So we can think that this was going to be an epic episode. Where she is going to enjoy those big dicks in her huge ass.

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