Velamma Dreams Episode 18 – A Horned-up Expedition

In this post you are going to read the Velamma Dreams Episode 18. Check out the bhabhi expedition here she is becomes a pirate woman which will do the nasty rides.

Velamma Dreams Episode 18

Read Indian Porn Comics Velamma Dreams Episode 18 – A Horned-up Expedition

Velamma and her girls traveled on the ship but are hungry for cocks. This time Velamma is Caption of the ship but her performance is the same that revolve around sex and naughty actions. They want to have some strong dicks around them to make their thirst fulfilled. But unfortunately, they didn’t find anyone around. In the scarcity of men and dicks they meet one ship in the region. This ship is enriched with alpha pirates who are cock less.


This again put the sign and expression of sadness on Velamma and her girls. All the male pirates are wiped out in the war and this creates a scarcity of dicks in the region. Again,

Velamma encounters the problem and find the solution to make her pussy fulfilled with pleasure. To help her, girls came forward with helping hands. These girls press her boobs and lick pussy to offer the experience of a great encounter. Velamma is happily giving her all organs and dedicated her whole body to enjoy the lesbian sex on the ship.  


But have you thought who these alpha pirates are? Why do they need the help of caption Velamma to get their cock back and how could she help them? You will find all hidden answers in this episode 18 Of Velamma Dreams.


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