Savita Bhabhi Episode 125 – Raging Boner

In this Savita Bhabhi Episode 125, From the cover page we are got to know that Bhabhi is having sex behind curtain and husband is going to caught here.

Savita Bhabhi Episode 125

Read Overview of Savita Bhabhi Episode 125 – Raging Boner

Savita got a pleasant surprise by watching Pallavi (her MILF friend) on the door. It was morning time when Pallavi reached Savita’s house and rang the bell. But she is not alone. Her teenage nephew named Jogesh also came along. Savita as usual wears her sexy outfit to show her tits clearly and this point got the attention of Jogesh. His eyes got big while watching Savita in her sexy dress.


Pallavi introduced him to Savita but she came here with some hope. She needs a small favor from her friend Savita. She wants her to keep Jogesh for one night as she has to keep an eye on her friend’s trip. Her husband went on a business trip with her secretary and this introduces doubt in Pallavis’s mind. She wants to track him and this is not possible without Savita’s help. So she insists Savita keep Jogesh at her home for a night. Savita imagine sex enjoyment with Pallavis husband but suddenly Pallavi awake her


Savita made dhoklas and offered the same to Jogesh. But like any other teenage boy he is lusted over Savitas figure. He could not be satisfied with just Dhoklas. He desires something more. Well, Savita was also in search of a partner to satisfy her pussy. She is always eager to find someone for her bed partner. This is a lucky time for Savita to try a teenage young boy to satisfy her nooky desire. 


Will Savita be able to perform as a good hostess? Will Ashok get the right clue of Jogesh’s intention about Savita’s? Read this Episode 125 and find the answer.

In this Savita Bhabhi Episode 124, From the cover page we can see that our hot bhabhi is buying some big dildo to fulfill her wet pussy.

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