Savita Bhabhi – Episode 152 – Monkey Business

Read this in Savita Bhabhi Episode 152 that bhabhi is facing monkey infestation at her home. Now how the trapper trick her into sex find out..

Savita Bhabhi Episode 152 - Savita Bhabhi - Episode 152 - Monkey Business

Read Overview of Savita Bhabhi – Episode 152 – Monkey Business

Hello friends, welcome to yet another exciting episode in the life of our sexy Savita Bhabhi. She is always very excited to try new things and this is the most innovative thing that you will read about. So one day Savita Bhabhi wakes up to see that things around the house are disappearing and she is confused what is going on. But after some investigation, she finds out that the thieves are none other than the monkeys.

Well, catching monkey required a monkey catcher who arrived immediately upon call from Savita bhabhi. And he has a very unique idea to catch monkeys which requires the help of Savita Bhabhi too. And she is more than eager to help in this monkey business. So don’t waste any more time and start enjoying the story.

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