Savita Bhabhi Episode 123 – Yogasutra

In this Savita Bhabhi Episode 123, Check out how our she is having encounter with the other men doing by Yoga in unique way.

Savita Bhabhi Episode 123

Savita never does compromise with her fun and to keep it alive she focus on her fitness. This time Ashok gets inspired by the fitness of Savita and it generates the will in him to focus on his body. He decides to join her on her daily morning jogging routine. Well, this creates a barrier for Savita because she has to now manage her flits and fun that she got while jogging. The sexy lady avails her jogging time to the full level with other guys. This keeps her physically and mentally fit.  

The husband and the couple went on the jogging track and the Savita’s fit admire came there. The hot and stocky man meets the sexy lady with her husband. Savita was feeling like in between and planning to overcome the situation. Ashok when made a handshake with him, he got to know the hardness of her body through his hand. He got jealous when watching the guy doing flirting his wife and here Ashok’s manpower gets challenged. 

He decides to give his sexy wife a unique and hot Yoga session, especially meant for the fun. He urges her to sign up for the same to make her satisfied with passion. 

Will Ashok able to offer her a high level of satisfaction? Will he able to come out clean on her desire to gain her attention? 

Find out what happens next in this episode. There is a lot of gifs to keep your interest at a high level. Also, if you haven’t watched the previous episode then go to episode 122 Time Machine.  

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