Velamma Episode 99 – Marriage Counseling

Check out the new issue of Velamma Episode 99 which is titled as Marriage Counseling. In the cover watch velamma and husband is naked.

Velamma Episode 99

Read Indian Porn Comics Velamma Episode 99 – Marriage Counseling

Now you have read the recent affairs from 89 episodes through 94. Well, you know that Ramesh is visiting the therapist Dr. Annie for her treatment. Now Annie here decides to keep a private, romantic rendezvous with Ramesh. Now here, Dr. Annie also tries to begin reconciling with the Velamma. As you can see in the cover Velamma and her husband is naked on the cover, and one more girl is present and looks like she is Annie.

Now you can see that here, Annie arrives at the office at the wrong time when Ramesh and Velamma are alone. Dr. Annie’s treatment is unique and unorthodox, but she brings Lakshmi together. Because of the treatment now, they are behaving like a newlywed. Now their anniversary is near both of them are quite excited as they are feeling in the Honeymoon period. Both of the couples are now head out to buy gifts for each of them. Watch out now how the Velamma is going to bargain here.

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