Velamma Episode 123 – Fear of Flying

Read the Velamma episode 123 in which she is flying plane. But here how the attendant and pilots relax her with the hot plan find out here.

Velamma Episode 123

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Hello friends, welcome to this latest adventure in the life of our beloved married sex bomb Velamma. This time her adventure is not on earth but in the air!! Yup, you heard it right, she has her sexcapade inside a flying plane. It seems like Velamma’s sister is just as horny like her. She has injured herself doing some crazy sexual act with her boyfriend and injured herself.

With no family members nearby and shy to talk about it to friends, she asks Velamma to come over and stay with her and cope with the recovery. Our sexy lady Velamma is all set to travel and gets on the plane when she got on the she realizes that she has Phobia of flying in the plane. But there is no fear that cannot be overcome with some effort. The flight attendant and pilot decide to help her with this fear in a personal way. And we know that our dear Velamma can do anything if she is given some does of sex and orgasms. So tighten your seatbelts, or should I say loosen your belt and jump to the latest ride.

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