Velamma Episode 122 – Velamma Gets a Tattoo

Read the Velamma Episode 122 now in which we can see the how the south Indian aunty is going to get a tattoo by removing her fear from the needles by a tattoo artist.

Velamma Episode 122

Read Overview of Velamma Episode 122 – Velamma Gets a Tattoo

Our sexy Velamma is back with another fantasy, which is getting a tattoo. She had gone to the beach with her husband when she noticed a lot of boys and girls having tattoos which made her desire to have one herself. When she this idea to her husband Ramesh to castle flies he accepted with excitement. He told her that she is free to have a tattoo, in fact he will be curious to see how she will look with the ink.

Now, the only thing left to do was find a good tattoo artist who could make her dream perk. Finally when she found a tattoo artist according to her taste, she started to Panic watching other get inked with needle. When the tattoo artist saw Velamma, his eyes were wide open with awe. Watching her in a sexy saree made him drool. He wasn’t going to let her go without getting the ink. So he started to butter her up by talking sweet words and touching her shoulder. What is going to happen next is something you should read this latest episode and find out yourself.

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