Velamma Episode 108 – Mon-Swoon

Indian Porn Comics lovers here is the newly released Velamma Episode 108. Read about the Jogging and the Mon-Swoon in this release.

Velamma Episode 108

Read Comics Velamma Episode 108 – Mon-Swoon

Velamma Aunty found a great way to lose her body weight. She has begun walking daily and gets her exercise every afternoon. All this was done before Ramesh arrives home from work. One day Ramesh noticed the improvement in her figure, which inspired Velamma to keep her walking continued. She also witnesses her figure while watching her body in the mirror while putting off her clothes. Vela became so happy while looking at her body, which is converting to sexy shape.

One day she explored the National Forest when the Monsoon skies opened up and poured down rain, leaving Velamma stranded and dangerously exposed to the elements. It was a lucky day for her because she found a handsome Forest Guard. He locates her before night falls. But because of flooding, the two are forced to ride out the night in a damp cave! It was a little bit uncomfortable for them to settle there. The Forest guard keeps watching her body.

As both of them got wet due to rain, this compels them to take off their clothes. Vela was looking so hot and seductive in lingerie. On the other hand, the guard also took off his uniform and looked like a dusky beast. The aunty looked at her body and smiled at her. This indicated him to have some nooky acts. Watch the whole scene was like a romantic theme.

Aunty wanted to taste this man, and she came close to him while exposing her big tits in front of him. It is now sure that he will give her a nice dose of sex. Aunty will relish the power of this forest guard, but how? To find out the answer, let’s go with this episode. So guys, stay tuned with this comic and subscribe the same.

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