Savita Bhabhi Episode 91 – Savita: Now Hiring

Savita Bhabhi Comics lovers here in this Savita Bhabhi Episode 91 you can see that savita is getting a cum on her face. From the title it said that She is hiring new peoples for her restaurant.

Savita Bhabhi Episode 91

Read Overview of Savita Bhabhi Episode 91 – Savita: Now Hiring

So in this front page cover we are seeing that savita is getting a cum on her face with a unknown cock. Now as from the previous episodes we got to know that she and Alex are involves in the opening of their new Restaurant. But they forgot that they need to get the License for this. Now a License Commissioner  arrives with a bad news.

Now the Savita Handle it in nice way. She new please that license commissioner and seduce him and complete the work. Well how this going to happen and what kind of tactics she going to apply here to seduce the commissioner we are going to read that in this episode.

Till Then guys Read  the previous Savita Bhabhi Episode 90 Helping Hands and read to know how she seduce the workers to get the work done quickly.

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  1. The blantant hypocrisy of ashok. Got no guilt in fucking Alex’s wife but when its the other way around he gets jealous.

  2. I’m absolutely NOT complaining here, but does Savita look a shade or so darker than usual or what?

    • The good thing about it is that it makes the contrast between her’s and Alex’s complexion more pronounced. One of the upvotes I’d like to give there along with the previous sex scenes between Savita and Alex in the last 2 episodes.

      • Indeed and he looks more detailed than how Valinur draws him. You’ve seen all of the last two issues?

        • Have seen 89 on porntcomics, not 90 though. I saw a panel on the official website of 90 and it looked good. So kudus to kirtu (one of the few things I can praise them on this time). With the current Savita complexion interracial sex scenes with black and white guys/girls would create good plots.

          • I *tried* talking to you (and the mod) on that site, but it’s wonkier than when this site gets too many comments. But yeah, I liked Savita’ old complexion, too, but at the same time, it made her look borderline metallic, know what I mean? The new look makes her look more… human in addition to nicely contrasting Alex and any other white people that shows up, so I hope it sticks.

          • Porntcomics seem to be selective when it comes to comments posted. Glad we don’t have the same problem here. I hope we get more non indian characters mostly males soon. Like I’ve said in my previous comment they’d go nicely with Savita due to her latest complexion. Also it would be nice if the same colourist would be used in the Velamma series as well so that they could get the interracial theme going there too. Besides the sub par plots (as compared to the Savita episodes) we have yet to have Velamma regularly with a non indian character.

          • Yeah though in either series I’m still cautious about *if* they can actually draw non-Indians (namely Black people) properly, let alone *not* cringe-worthy and/or unlike said person plausibly would act in whatever scenario. So far, the only cultural difference I can think of that Velamma’s faced was not getting what wedding bands are, so there’s *plenty* of ideas about her being culture shocked by either the customs of a non-Indian in India or vice versa (“fish out of water”) more than Savita, who seems more worldly in general compared to “just a regular Indian housewife/mother.”

          • Would like to see Vela as a guest on an Oprah Winfrey show in the US discussing with Oprah Indian customs and traditions. Oprah can bait her with discreet naughty hints too. Like what to wear when in America, how Americans socialize etc. Oprah can have visions of herself with Velamma too. What are your thoughts?

          • …Whaaat? I feel like we had this conversation before only about Savita and then and now, I repeat: “Oprah. Isn’t. Sexy.” Not to me, not to a majority of Americans both now and during her show’s lifetime whether she was big or skinny, just no, man, just no. Kirtu can certainly make an Oprah-LIKE Black woman in the sense that she’s a popular show host, but NOT actually look like her. Base her on practically *any* popular Black woman past or present like Halle Berry, Gabrielle Union, Rihanna (and/or being the musical guest that wants to hook up with her behind the scenes, maybe even gangbang with her band), but that still may be a bit “big” a situation compared to having a de facto tour guide giving her a personal tour like Vela won a sightseeing trip or someone else did, but gave it to her because they couldn’t go. Maybe even involve her sister and/or Veena, but NOT bring Surya along. Also for JEEBUS’S SAKE: let said trip be NOT like Trump Era shitshow we’re living in and instead be a more generic America where at most, Vela’s just wondering why Indians are associated with taxis and 7-11s.

          • I was thinking along the lines of maybe Oprah “having her lesbian side” (if she has any) come out with Velamma entering her world. Perhaps Velamma can be on the talk show of a true and self proclaimed lesbian instead like Ellen Degeneres. Just a wild idea. Whatever happens i hope Vela finds herself in America soon. For the record I hate that egomaniac trump too. Reminds me of some of the racist middle aged white people we still have in South Africa and I have the misfortune to come across from time to time.

          • Please. Just. Drop. the Oprah thing *and* Ellen, too. Like I get and like where you’re going with Vela having some interracial girl-girl action in America, but *neither* of those women are sexy or looked at as sexy by any group by any measure. If there’s any Ellen I’d like to see go at it with Vela it’d be Ellen Page who’d be a small, cute, white contrast to Velamma in going down on her, crawling all over her and sitting/grinding on Vela’s face while getting eaten out. Just look at any “The Last of Us” SFM porn out there (ESPECIALLY Vault Girls) and you’d see why. Again, it doesn’t. matter. if Oprah “has a lesbian side” or not ’cause nobody’s fapping/shlicking to her *or* DeGeneres.

  3. Glad some sort of update has taken place. This episode seems to signal the beginning of jealousy by ashok towards the relationship between Savita & Alex which I’m sure he perceives it to be more than just business partners.

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  5. Please stop inserting Muslim characters into your story. It’s not funny.

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