Miss Rita Episode 8 Talking Dirty

In this eigth episode of Miss Rita the sexy teacher gets a new look! It’s a Rainy Sunday afternoon and Rita is getting restless when there is a knock at the door and her neighbor is asking her for a favor. Meanwhile her dirty minded student Rino can not leave his poor misguided teacher alone and harasses her on her weekend. Witness the new Miss Rita Talking Dirty in Miss Rita Episode 8 “Talking Dirty”

Miss Rita Episode 8 Talking Dirty

Miss Rita Episode 8

Miss-Rita-Episode-8-1.th.jpg Miss-Rita-Episode-8-2.th.jpgMiss-Rita-Episode-8-3.th.jpg Miss-Rita-Episode-8-4.th.jpg Miss-Rita-Episode-8-5.th.jpg Miss-Rita-Episode-8-6.th.jpg Miss-Rita-Episode-8-7.th.jpg Miss-Rita-Episode-8-8.th.jpg Miss-Rita-Episode-8-9.th.jpg Miss-Rita-Episode-8-10.th.jpg Miss-Rita-Episode-8-11.th.jpg Miss-Rita-Episode-8-12.th.jpg Miss-Rita-Episode-8-13.th.jpg Miss-Rita-Episode-8-14.th.jpg Miss-Rita-Episode-8-15.th.jpg Miss-Rita-Episode-8-16.th.jpg

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