Miss Rita Episode 10 The Rivalry

When the day began Miss Rita was feeling good about herself. She had overheard a student talking about the hottest teacher on campus and assumed it was her. Turns out there is a new Busty teacher on campus and Rita is going to have a hard time keeping the men she is seeing interested with the new girl around. Watch what happens when Rita’s status as hottest teacher is threatened. It may get rough!

Miss Rita Episode 10 The Rivalry

Miss Rita Episode 10

Miss-Rita-Episode-10-1.th.jpg Miss-Rita-Episode-10-2.th.jpg Miss-Rita-Episode-10-3.th.jpg Miss-Rita-Episode-10-4.th.jpg Miss-Rita-Episode-10-5.th.jpg Miss-Rita-Episode-10-6.th.jpg Miss-Rita-Episode-10-7.th.jpg Miss-Rita-Episode-10-8.th.jpg Miss-Rita-Episode-10-9.th.jpg Miss-Rita-Episode-10-10.th.jpg Miss-Rita-Episode-10-11.th.jpg Miss-Rita-Episode-10-12.th.jpg Miss-Rita-Episode-10-13.th.jpg Miss-Rita-Episode-10-14.th.jpg

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