1. Story looks promising. Seems like kirtu has adapted an idea that I suggested earlier on when their comments section was open. Such as the first encounter between Velamma and Annie. Its just an innocent meeting at first, a prelude to more kinky things to come in future meetings between the two.
    Glad to see kirtu trying to do something new for a change.

      • Glad to have you on this site my friend.
        I’m in agreement again with you with regard to another sleaze bag, this time in the form of a salesman. It seems that like a bad habit the script writers can’t seem to shake them off.
        However this story is saved by the first meeting between Vela and Annie, as well as the sexual acts between Veena and the doctor.

        • Good to see you (metaphorically,) too. Yeah, the sleazy guys are a cheap way out, (same with hentai and some live-action fetish stuff in America/the west, too really) and it reminds me of the mattress issue where the guy was a trickster, but he at least wasn’t fugly and plausible in his spiel. So we’ll see where this guys like if Veena goes psycho or not if she’s claiming a man’s wife “stole” him from her.

          • Also hoping Veena developes a preference for white cock and has more encounters with other non indians in the future.

          • Seems like it so far and I’d *really* like to see do likewise with a Black guy (hopefully WITHOUT the bad/cheesy stereotypes). Yeah, the last writer just kept churning out the same formula: Ramesh fucks up, here’s a sleazy ugly guy that cons Velamma, repeat. This is a new writer, so maybe he’s learned what to/not to do.

          • I too would like to see Velamma with a black guy. They got some of the biggest cocks in the world a whole lot bigger than indian cocks which imo the artist has drawn too big and which I feel should have been drawn a lot smaller and not be described as big in the texts. It would be fitting that a lady with big boobs gets fucked by a big cock. Another good thing about the current episode is that ramesh has played no part in it other than mentioned once and not by his name.

          • I’m not going to go into the talk about cock size being stereotypical or not (other than remembering a fact-themed show saying Indian men were the smallest based on condom size sales), but I am for it on the grounds of livening things up, representation and obviously the general thing about seeing a hung guy give it to a woman, especially a big one like Velamma (I’m no expert on the average height of an Indian woman, but I doubt they’re as tall as her, who looks about 5’8-11). Again, I just hope that when/if they do add such variety, they DO NOT go as stereotypical as I imagine Indian writers would even with the best of intentions.

          • Velamma does look taller than Annie. Personally I would prefer it the other way around. Annie just slightly taller.
            What I like though is that Vela’s boobs are drawn bigger than Annie’s. Which might cause Annie to be sexually attracted to Velamma and want to make out with her.

          • Yeah, I keep noticing that Vela’s usually as tall as most teen boys while usually just a couple inches shorter than adult men. I personally *like* it of course in that it makes her more statuesque and mature, (like how said big boobs have gotten increasingly bigger throughout the series,) so again, spicing it up with different body types for the women, people in general really, is always good. Not comics-related but I think you’d appreciate checking out Literotica which has A LOT of Indian/South Asian porn stories ESPECIALLY about incest and even more so about mother-son and the like.

          • I have read some stories on LITEROTICA, not the incest ones though as I’m not into that sort of porn.
            My preference is more towards interracial, milfs, lesbianism etc.

          • There are thanks. I have read some good stories there. If only someone could use those stories in comics….

          • Yeah, closest I can think of/know was Jabcomix’s “Dat Ass” being written by Anal King, but again, it was incest (and obviously anal-themed) and that author’s an idiot that was called out on in the comments section for one of the stories ending with the mother getting pregnant by her son purely by *anal* sex. Smh. I had actually written a few stories I was going to upload to literotica (a stint where we were snowed in with no TV or Internet but still power, some were incest then moving on to IR then a few other genres) but changed my mind due possible rules of uploading and debating about compiling a series into a book for profit.

          • If you looking for more material for your stories I could suggest you Google South Africa and Durban in particular.
            Here you will find a lot of indians who share the region with blacks (who are the majority) and whites (who are similar to Indians in number).
            I’m sure you will find enough to formulate ideas for your stories.
            Possibly in the future you could persuade a major online comic eg illustrated interracial to publish your stories….

          • Thanks, but I lost interest in writing sex stories partly due to getting back to the “real” stuff I was working on, (basically a fantasy epic ala “The Last Airbender/Legend of Korra”) and partly because the long series I’d been working out was/had become “technically” hypnosis/rape-by-fraud and I didn’t feel revising the troublesome parts.
            Basically it was a stream-of-conscious use of a number of characters I made (basically picked up from varying porn comics and whatnot without being Japanese) and came up with a guy who was initially supposed to be a plot device via a magic camera to realize the fantasies of frustrated women with each being the focus/POV of their chapters, but *then* the guy, an ex-nerd now madeover to be model-worthy, geeking out over the type of girl he used to not be able to get switched it to his POV of essentially hypnotizing them and cleaning up before they knew what’s what. Later chapters would eventually have him not using the camera (or at least that way) as he was either seeing or doing wild encounters as his neighborhood became increasingly/implausibly filled with busty women (to the extent *I* got bored with “just double-Ds” and the characters reflecting as such) and he was essentially the hero facing off against a supernatural family that had came to essentially own the town in his absence, want him to join them and fear his camera that’s tied to their family that “chose” him to strip them of their seductive powers by taking pics of them. I was up to the mid-90s in chapters intending to end around 120-135 the sequel series of a cruise set at least a year later then another of his/their time on an island in a work/vacation more or less about dealing with the evil family’s relatives and/or a different family that effectively kidnapped the main character’s new boyfriend before I wanted to get back to the non-sex stuff.
            Unrelated to the main sex series/stories, if there was any stories I wrote that I’d want in comic form (though illustrated interracial is one UGLY-ass art style,) there were 2 off the top of my head. One, being a tall, thick… essentially built like Velamma (see the third issue of “Arsinoe” for the inspiration) divorced brunette white woman who normally relaxes by taking a bubble bath, reading a trashy romance novel and eating ice cream had to take her niece on a field trip because her sister’s a flake and meets a younger Black man basically doing the same that charms her so much they go back to his place for the same hobby down to role-playing. The second was about another tall, thick, black-haired woman *and* her teenaged daughter going to a concert where they have a threesome with the Black security guard partly to get out of the fact that she smuggled booze in and partly because the mother wanted to relive her groupie days with her daughter along for the ride.

          • I hope that you rediscover your passion for writing sex stories.
            The monopoly by kirtu with regards to indian sex comics needs to be broken.
            Apart from kirtu, if one scans the net the number of porn comics featuring Indians can be counted using the fingers of one hand.
            I’m surprised that comics such as illustrated interracial have not considered indians. Most of their comics usually feature white women with black guys which I think has been overused.
            Why can’t they try something different for a change?

          • If I could get a deal like what Kirtu was offering then I’d get going for the paycheck, otherwise my sex stories were just a side thing when I both was cut off from the ‘net/needed a distraction and couldn’t get my shit together as far where/how to begin with the main stories despite having a full-blown series bible. As far as America/Western world goes, racial issues have/was and ALWAYS WILL BE more about Black and white than Brown in any situation. It’s woven too much in our history and culture *not* to be ESPECIALLY race fetishism and taboos whether it’s the issues (on and off-camera) about white women with Black men, white men’s fixation on being cuckolded by Black men “stealing” their women, Black women being sassy and curvaceous compared to white women, etc. Savita and to a lesser extent Velamma epitomize the fetish for Indian women: wears bindis and saris, has Hindi accents and are sexually unsatisfied by inadequate Indian men, so it’s up to white/Black men to please them. The only way they’d fit the fetish/stereotype even more is doing Kama Sutra poses while serving curry with a king cobra on a bed of nails.

          • Unfortunately kirtu is run by middle aged indian guys with big egos and small cocks who are not open to open to suggestions and ideas like ours. Only subscription members who i think are similar to kirtu personnel are allowed to contribute.
            Hence you have repitative stories and characters.
            The male characters I feel may represent this group, the only difference being is that their cocks are drawn too big in relation to what they may be in reality.
            Noting by some comments by the moderators and some members a lot of episodes have been made to massage their egos.

          • I wouldn’t be surprised if there is some self-insert going on (ex. Ready Player One) though I thought that one mod was a woman. Either way, I wouldn’t bother losing sleep over them because if it continues to be crap then members’ll continue to waste their money on said crap until either they get tired and quit or the site gets it’s act together, but either way, it still ends up free on the ‘net anyway (*literally* saw the latest ep up today on one site). Just keep in mind that neither of us wasted a dime during those issues where they had a new artist and had to keep fixing Vela’s body because she was too skinny and square-looking until they got Valinur back.

          • The longevity of a series will always depend on getting more feedback in respect of ideas and suggestions etc. By restricting the postings of non members is really dumb and short sighted.
            Like you say the site will end up crap and lose members over time because of a lack of new ideas in plots.
            Since they banned non members from commenting things have gone “quiet” in the comments sections of both Velamma and Savita comics.
            I suspect a lot of people (mods and members) did not like to want to read about ideas and criticisms that guys like you and I posted so they opted for an “ostrich” (head in the sand) approach.

          • And things going quiet suggests the membership isn’t as big as they want/need it to be, even with as cheap a fee as it is. I mean I *get* that they’re pissed at how freeloaders can essentially see as much as a paying customer, but like Rule 34, that’s the nature of the Internet beast. Sites like Vault Girls were smarter about it by still posting free videos, BUT paying customers on Patreon get the slightly longer version of the free vids that’s worth paying while the free content is good enough to at least not inspire leaking the paid versions, if not giving non-members incentive enough to perhaps start paying.
            I dunno how much money Kirtu needs/receives to keep things going (since I think Valinur left for a while for a bigger paycheck or was simply unavailable, plus I think they *only* have drawn artwork rather than something more expensive like SFM besides the Savita movie,) so if people got pissed about the different artist then even/especially paying customers will eventually get pissed with ANOTHER issue of “Velamma does Ugly Fuck #147 because of Ramesh being a dumbass.”
            Considering it’s still all porn comics, it’s not saying there has to be WILDLY different episodes like fucking time-travelling zombies in space or something, but it’s just getting fucking STALE with little faith they’ll naturally get their shit together. I mean I *get* that there’s bound to be a rut when nearing 100 issues (to the point I’m no longer grossed out by Vela’s hairy armpits though would probably skip any scenes directly focusing on them,) but there’s a difference between ignoring a problem and at least *trying* to do something about it.

          • In their case they are keen on ignoring it.
            They are also too proud to admit they have that problem by ignoring advice from readers like us hence they have closed the comments section.
            Reading only about the good things seems like all they’re interested in. Not realising that critical comments are a way to improve their standard.

          • And that thin-skin can only be a liability in the long-run. Yeah, they’re not a big movie company needing hundreds of millions to turn a profit, but this still isn’t a good business model if the stories get so repetitive that there’s no difference/point in paying for a new issue if #112 is hardly different than 87-111 with the only real difference is which/how many ugly fucks is Velamma dealing with this time.
            Is it a waste that good-looking characters aren’t used better? Yes, but better to be mildly pissed at wasted potential then *paying* for said wasted potential.

          • Yes. That’s the reason why I see no need to pay for such. There is no guarantee that it is not going to be crap. If I had been paying for this content then I would have rather flushed a large chunk of my cash down the toilet as a large proportion of their episodes have been below par.
            Fortunately I possess patience and don’t have the urge to splash out money in order to get these comics early.
            They eventually WILL appear on a free website. Just a matter of biding your time.

          • Yeah, I don’t know how long it was since learning about Velamma and Savita that I actually learned, “oh wait, there’s actually a main (pay) site to them instead of just random comics put out there?”
            So I don’t know what exactly is the incentive to being a paying member, but I doubt it’s worth it/much different than waiting for the free shit. For mods who claim “the members don’t like this/that” or “we have a policy against that” I don’t feel too confident into them actually listening to paying customers from how they keep cranking out the same shit, so it’s that saying about “a fool and his money” if members *are* funding that mess.

          • And some members are such fools. A short while back a certain member criticised me for speaking out against the closing of the comments section for all except paying members, saying that it is really dumb to be posting comments if I was a non paying member. Unfortunately the comments section was already blocked. If it was still open, I would have told that member that it is dumb to be paying for something when you can instead get it for free.

          • Criticism, constructive or not, is free, which is why even the most Podunk of sites can still get a legit reply. You, me and that idiot are all still reading the same comics, but in the latter’s case, we’re NOT losing money over this bullshit and were instead offering FREE advice on how to not suck anymore.

          • With the issue of cock size it would be nice if we could see guys with different size cocks instead of the same large size. For example, someone like the servant in episode 72 having a tiny tool as compared with the doctor or Brock, Vela’s neighbour whom we last saw in episode 42. Might make a good cuckold story.

          • Cuckolding’s not supposed to be Velamma’s style though. She’s supposed to be an innocent housewife that either gets suckered into doing other men and/or doing so out of big-hearted mercy. At the same time, (as someone who’s not Indian/South Asian) that really sounds like there’s some kind of complex (left over from colonialism)/fetishism of Indians not liking other Indian, which would make me raise an eyebrow more than be turned on.

          • I understand your point with regard to Velamma. She does not need to be part of cuckolding as it would spoil her innocence.
            However cuckolding scenes would suit Veena as she is more “open” to such things.
            I’m actually Indian but living outside India in a multicultural country where Indians are the minority and I often fantasize about interracial sex between our Indians and the other race groups namely whites and blacks.

          • Ah. I get what you’re saying, but is Veena even still *with* Raju? I didn’t bother with the Veena comics after #7 due to not liking the different artist, so the only way I can imagine her putting up with a small/limp guy is if she *really* needs the money and he’s a sugar daddy or something since last I checked, she was doing alright at the office.

          • I’m hoping that raju will be the cuckold while she makes out with the doctor. But I doubt that will happen.

          • Except Raju can fuck and certainly has done so a number of times. I can imagine her cheating (if they’re still together,) because of something he did (finally learned he did her mother a bunch of times) and/or needing a sugar daddy/pleasing her bosses again.

          • With regard to pleasing her bosses it would be nice if she could entertain foreign clients for her company as part of her job description.

          • Indeed. It’s the same idea you/we had about Savita (NOT a bad thing) and it would work just as well with Veena, especially in the sense of her being the loyal/dedicated employee w/o also climbing up the corporate ladder until she one day has boy-toys in her own right.

          • Veena certainly is a Savita Bhabhi in the making. I’m not sure what the creators were meaning when they were stating that “the apple does not fall far from the tree”
            Veena is in no way like Vela. Whereas Vela radiates innocence and has has maintained it over the years, the same cannot be said of Veena who has become a slut of note and doesn’t care about having affairs with married guys (not that I’m complaining).
            IMO the creators AND script writers seem to be in clear contradiction of each other which I think is not a good thing.

          • (I think the site we talk on is down so I’m talking to you through the general Disqus thing) INDEED. Veena is Velamma’s foil in *every* conceivable way from skin tone to body type to behavior, so she’s more like the daughter Savita never had (or did, but with Vela as the surrogate to protect Savita’s figure.) Hell, I even just realized that the site’s anti-incest policy (or at least Vela, herself not doing so) ignored that Veena lost her V-card to her cousin, JUST like Savita, save that Savita *was* the innocent girl with a crush like Vela on her wedding night whereas Veena was clearly proactive, worldly and hard-up in her situation. The only difference between this issue and the usual Savita one is that Savita obviously likes Annie and would’ve gotten a threesome going in the dressing room. On a side not, that reminds me that I *wish* I could get the English version of the Savita Bhabhi movie, but haven’t been able to download it, only the Hindi one.

          • I’m sure that you’ll get the English version in time.
            On the issue Velamma’s innocence : I hope she doesn’t lose it too soon. According to the events of the current episode she seems to have gained an attraction towards Annie. I just hope that Annie makes the first sexual advances towards Vela and is the dominant one instead of the other way around.
            One thing I am glad about however is that she gave away her newly acquired lingerie to Annie instead of keeping it for “ramesh’s pleasure”.
            That’s a positive sign with regards to ramesh no longer being the primary focus of her attention.

          • To my knowledge, women *always* make the first move toward Velamma (incidentally, last night or so made me come across an early issue that her first time with a woman *was* Savita and not Shriya or one-off woman, so the crossover around #36 was more legit than I initially thought,) so I doubt this’ll be any different.
            Yeah, in addition to putting Ramesh back into the periphery, *that’s* more in Vela’s character to do so otherwise she’s either too innocent or just plain used to it by now that she just walked up to the dude in her underwear without any shame.

          • There are a few holes in this plot as in the previous episode.
            Like as you say walking up to the salesman in her underwear when she could have dressed up before confrontation is one.
            Another is when she discovered the the spy camera which she could have ripped out and taken it to the salesman to ask what’s it doing in the change room. She would have still caught him jerking of to the TV monitor. Instead she opted to follow the wiring from the camera to its source. Wiring that usually is run through places where it is not always easy to spot and trace viz up in the ceilings, behind walls etc. Whomever installs spy cameras is not going to make it easy for someone to discover them.
            So yet another pathetic excuse for Velamma to have sex with yet another pathetic loser once again.

          • Which also brings to mind as just *how* he got away with it as long as he did if it was that easy to hear and find? Again, yeah it’s porn and a nit-pick, but there’s nothing to suggest something as simple as loud enough music to drown out the camera or subtler wiring to just get to the sex ASAP. It reminds me of a Literotica story that felt like the writer was simultaneously beating off while writing and then uploaded it without spell-checking or even describing what the characters even LOOK LIKE.
            This issue feels rushed, if not desperate, which is either coincidence or a bad combination along with shutting down the comments section.

          • I suspect the script writing may have been left to just one person with a deadline in mind with no one to assist that individual with regard proof to reading of script, analysing the plots, subplots etc. The end result is a crappy story yet again.
            Kirtu have got some of the best main characters in the comic world, Savita, Velamma, Miss Rita etc. But they almost always ruin it by their poor choice in support characters like ashok, ramesh as well as an assortment of sleaze ball characters coupled with poor thought out and well used storylines.

          • Well Ashok and Ramesh are/have essentially be the same person/character type right down the audience gradually wondering why the *hell* either woman would stay with them beyond status quo and the money though at least in Ramesh’s case you can say that Velamma’s too traditional to leave *and* it’s been shown that he *has* been able to fuck properly before he was used as an excuse/plot device for Vela to cheat. So yeah, there is a feeling of rush and sloppiness, but I’ve seen enough bad translations from hentai manga/comics that I’m less hard on an Indian comic for grammar (especially when otherwise IMPRESSIVE English) than I am for actual storytelling.
            Admittedly, due to not liking the art styles, I haven’t read much of the other comics beyond glances at “XXX Apartments” and (if it’s not the same series,) one about two Indian guys that did a white girl on a plane before or after a businesswoman or something that was locked up and I think there was a Black guard woman. Other than that, the Velamma-like (in personality) Punjabi housewife in “XXX Apartments” was an inspiration for the series I was planning to submit to write for the site, namely her hairstyle and face.

          • Whereas in most kirtu comics when the main characters were hot and the support ones lacklustre, xxx apartments was the totally opposite.
            We had aman and his socalled pal ankit being the “studs” of the series having the opportunity to fuck many beautiful women.
            One of the most over rated series IMO. (Unrealistically large cocks here as well)
            Possibly this series was also created with the interracial concept in mind. (Both these clowns being darker complexioned than the girls they fucked). If this was the case then it was a rather pathethic attempt. Its nothing compared to having a real interracial fuck. (Indian and African). Having a dark skinned indian instead of a real black African man takes away the true feeling of erotism that interracial encounters create.
            I’m certainly glad they canned this series as I found it quite annoying at times especially with regards to aman finding it simple to fuck so many hot women.

          • And that reminds me of how the latest Savita ep *almost* made me think she was doing a Black man, but it was actually just a dark-skinned Indian. I mean that I *get* how India/South Asians have a fixation on light skin, (colourism has loooong been a complex issue for Black Americans, of course,) but she’s done dark Indians before (ex. the holy man), so it’s nothing special as well as doing hired help-types, so it’s close enough to a lazy cop-out that I’m going to just call it a cop-out for being so stagnant.

          • If we look at the history of kirtu comics with the exception of series like The Encounter Specialist and Revenge of the Ravaged, non have featured an indian with a black African. So it seems to be a trend of not featuring black men which I feel is rather narrow minded.

          • What happened in those comics (and yes, I’m bracing myself for how cringe-worthy the answers may be)?
            And if not narrow-minded than at least unimaginative, but again, it’s why I’m apprehensive due to *how* the Black men are used by non-Black people, especially with what I know about India’s racial history and it’s also why, again, I *REALLY* wanted to write decent Black men for “Velamma,” and how they’d play off of the cast, specifically in how the son in a father-son duo would be gaining confidence in doing Vela then on to Veena and Shriya while the father had a more composed/mature, methodical approach in doing Vela, possibly Veena/Shriya/Annie and Kanika being wither either if not *both* men at one point or anything in an swap with her college boyfriend getting to do the father’s assistant or something instead of the usual cuckolding.
            Also is it me or does Valinur’s style make his light-skinned Indians (ex. Veena) look like white people and vice versa (ex. Annie looks like a blue-eyed sister of Veena’s)? Yes, I know an entire subcontinent of people can produce a VAST range of skin tones and features, but again, I’m raising an eyebrow at what feels like internalized colorism just like the favoritism for light-skinned Black people even by those with dark skin (ex. an uncle’s favorite daughter looked like a light-skinned version of him due to her Creole mother while his youngest daughter by the same mother was a college graduate, but was largely ignored because she had his skin tone). Come of to think of it, both “Velamma” and “Savita Bhabhi” usually depict laborer-types as dark-skinned, don’t they?

          • They certainly do. I suspect it has something to do with the caste system that may still be practiced in some parts of India. Similar to apartheid that was abolished in my country of South Africa in the early 90’s. Where one group of society (whites in SA, lighter skinned in India) have greater privileges over the rest of the general population. These scenarios cause a stunt in the development of the disadvantaged groups due to certain reasons like not being able to earn a decent salary as a possible result to not being able to receive proper education to learn the proper skills a decent salary paying job entails.
            When the British colonised India they instituted certain laws and regulations in the country. One of them was the caste system (which I personally think is total shit just like apartheid – everyone should have equal rights and opportunities and with privileges EARNED and not just being granted IMO).
            I suspect that the kirtu people might still have this caste mindset when creating stories.

          • The Sparkle Rai case comes to mind (gist: Indian father had his son’s Black wife killed for racial reasons) and you can Google it for more details.
            In Kirtu’s case, you can combine that mindset with their general ignorance about story ideas and you end up with white-looking Indians and dark, ugly fucks with the odd dark woman being a one-off (ex. that maid or whatever and Savita’s mother-in-law who was only bottomless in #80 (yeah, I checked the issue to be sure) and this goes back to what I/we were saying about variety.
            I’ve seen some BEAUTIFUL dark-skinned Indians/women in general, but nooo, Kirtu just keeps cranking out the same-looking light tans right down to the same exact bodies. The cover page to the latest issue of Velamma’s up and with *two* authors this time, so we’ll see if that makes any difference.

          • I am hoping Savita’s mother in law makes an appearance soon as I feel she does have potential. She comes off as innocent. Which is a good base to start off if we were to feature her in a prude to slut transformation plot.
            Kirtu is unlikely to change their story characteristics in the near future unless they change the staff involved in the story plots. The new staff in question should be non indian with an in depth knowledge of indian culture so that the comics retain their strong indian identity.
            The benefits of this is that there is greater scope for variety as the story tellers won’t be biased towards using the same type of characters and plots all the time.

          • That and there’d be a better “outside looking in” perspective of non-Indian characters reacting to Indian culture like hairy armpits in the western world (besides maybe France, don’t know how much of that is true or not,) but DEFINITELY America, is a gross no-no for women of any age instead of simply a sign of maturity as is the case with Velamma.
            (ex. An American woman would *not* casually expose her pits to the doctor like the cover pic as she’d either have them shaved or feel embarrassed about her laziness to do so) so when Dr. Alex does get his turn with her, doctor or not, it’d be expected for him to have *some* kind of reaction even if it’s just a thought like “Remember, Indian women don’t have the same view of body hair that Americans do. Better not point that out.” And if he makes an odd expression and she asks what’s wrong, he’ll be quick to dismiss it.
            That was basically the idea I had about the father and son I mentioned before. The son is surprised, but reminds himself to be polite, ignore it and focus on pleasing the nice lady he’s about to actually fuck then mentally breathing a sigh of relief when he’s doing non-hairy women like Veena/Shriya/Kanika like thinking “Whew! It seems to just be *older* women” while the father is worldly enough to expect it and easily focus on rocking her world while his turn with the younger women/woman is casually thinking, “a little less between the legs, but at least the under-arms are smooth.”
            As for the mother-in-law, *exactly.* I’m not saying it’s “bad” that other women besides Savita are such free spirits, but it’d be a nice contrast that the MIL (forgot her name and don’t feel like looking it up) be uptight/lonely and expecting less and less sex while becoming more grandmotherly only for Savita w/o Annie/another woman to take her on a wild ride of fucking other men and even women, (possibly Annie/other woman, but I *really* like the idea of her picking up a girl young enough to be her granddaughter) that helps Savita bond with her MIL as “our little secret.” while their husbands think they just did something “girly” like shopping or spa day.

          • I’m getting more and more impressed with your idea of the businessman and son (with his friends so gangbang possible).
            Would like to have Savita’s mom in law initiated by them soon.
            Like I’ve mentioned earlier she’d be an ideal candidate to be “transformed”. We can have a split frame of her at the end of an episode for better effect. The left half should show her as a conservative indian woman with caption “a few months ago” , while the right should reveal her as a “liberated” woman after quite a few sessions with the american businessman and son. The caption here should read “today”.
            The transformation should entail her dressing up in revealing clothing and possibly her traditional indian outfits being “modified” to make them more “open”. She could also be coached sexually. This is where the businessman’s assistant could come in.

          • Thank you and I’m liking your idea, too.
            My idea was that the son was a lonely rich kid that’s fit due to training with his martial arts businessman father (imagine Billy Blanks of Tae-Bo fame focusing of self-defense classes) that’s also wary because he’s in India though in a penthouse with Velamma visiting due to being invited to the class and feeling sorry for him (*hopefully* more curious than fearful of him and his father,) so if he has friends it’s either after he gains confidence and befriends local Indians for the gangbang or on an island resort with other businessman sons from America/around the world for variety.
            I also like the idea that after the MIL is “transformed” she still “hides” the freaky side under her sari like either flashing her ass at the viewer as the final pic or that she can still do something kinky like being butt-fucked by her husband in the kitchen ostensibly cooking while Savita and Ashok are in the living room.

          • Would like to see Velamma being in an mmf with the son and his black friend from America or her in mff with businessman and his assistant with assistant using a strapon.
            I like your suggestion of Savita’s MIL (name Uma after going through a past episode) flashing her ass. However not too keen on having her husband in the plot. Just like ramesh/ashok he should remain away from the main plot and be ignorant of what’s happening around him.
            Uma should have a preference for BBC and white cock only after interacting with the businessman, his son and his American friends.
            Perhaps she can go on a trip to the US with all the other indian ladies and Annie. This should be a ladies only trip so all the indian guys should stay back.
            Uma’s visit to the US can be her major liberating experience.

          • I’d say BOTH of those ideas about the father and son work 🙂 I initially didn’t think of an assistant in that scenario, but now that I think about it, I have some pics, (drawings specifically,) for a toned Latina in mind. The son, now with some confidence has a friend/cousin with a more barrel-chested/beefy build for contrast try to out-do each other in doing her after convincing her that he/they need to do her as “proof” and/or because the cousin/friend also needs a confidence boost (even if he’s lying) at the island resort then eventually meet/party with Veena and other young Indian girls/women while the father’s “advanced self-defense lessons” with Vela w/o practicing for the commercial also involves the assistant.
            And yeah, I can now see the father working his charm on Uma, proving to be worldly enough to ease her apprehensions, maybe get her a lil’ buzzed with wine/cognac, etc. and Savita helping to ease her into letting loose to the extent at least he, if not also a/the white businessman, assistant and/or son with the now fully-confident son also getting at least a one-on-one turn with Uma and possibly also Savita w/o a father and son-DP. If Annie can cross over to Velamma then why the fuck not?!
            Either way, I just really want at least the son to have that initial one-on-one with Vela in the penthouse to freshen things up.
            Also I’m ok with Ramesh in general on the grounds that *unlike* his son, he *can* fuck/doesn’t take his wife for granted, so I can see him still being a decent husband (in terms of pleasing his wife,) while still doing a young maid on the side like Shobha’s father, (which now that I think of it, makes Ramesh seem more impotent and stupid if these old fucks can still fuck,) but I’m saying like *after* Uma’s done partying with Savita.

          • Should also not forget to include a black woman in the mix as well. Possibly the businessman’s estranged wife, who is the “Oprah Winfrey” or “Whoopie Goldberg” type woman. Would make for a good lesbian/ffm plot IMO.
            The wife can also play a part in of Uma’s transition as well. Like for example choosing/modifying her wardrobe. different sexual techniques (like performing a blowjob which Uma has never done before, gangbangs etc).

          • In The Encounter Specialist we had a female undercover police officer Priya Rao. One of the criminals she had to capture was a notorious international human trafficker by the name of Savio who is featured as a black man.
            In Revenge of the Ravaged a village girl is raped by 3 men including 2 non Indians (a black guy and a white one). The girl’s father then seeks revenge which he eventually achieves by getting the rapists punished and killed.

          • EEESH! The first one sounds “iffy” because there’s at least a possibility he could be at least a smooth villain (See Nino Brown from ’90s movie “New Jack City” as an example), but the second DEFINITELY hits all the wrong notes, so “disappointed but not surprised” basically sums up my thoughts on that.

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