1. Two things:
    1. Veena looks darker (I’m ok with that).
    2. What the *fuck* is up those eyebrows?! They aren’t fleek-thick, they’re bushy and remind me of George “The Animal” Steele.

    • Veena’s darker complexion I hope is a prelude for mostly interracial encounters. Would be a welcome change from the seemingly endless supply of indian male characters we have had for a long time.
      Her eyebrows do make her seem rather masculine. Hope the artist corrects that.
      Seems like we will have to wait a whole damn month for the next Velamma episode as the current Veena one is taking it’s place.

      • Maybe it’s finally sunk in with Kirtu about their colorism problems, (but I remain cautiously skeptical about.)
        See, it’d be one thing for a female character to have strong eyebrows as they’ve come into fashion for the last couple years, *but* the trend still has the eyebrows looking *neat* yet the cover pic makes them look bushy, so it’s less “fleek” and more “Frida Kahlo.”

  2. hello you two, can you guys fil me in on whats going on with these comics now, why is there such a delay and that this webiste works with the main site now? the Vela comics are two behind now

    • Its the same old issue with kirtu restricting content being posted on this site and another free site if I understand it. Reason most likely to get more membership if possible. We just have to be patient however. Either that or waste cash on subscribing on something that may come out as being mediocre as we have come to expect. The content will get released eventually.

  3. I was hoping that the new Velamma episode would be released after the conclusion of the previous one and run concurrently with the Veena one that we now have out. Unfortunately the cheaper option was chosen whereby only one of the two was released and we have to wait a whole month for the next Velamma episode to come out. Something that a Velamma fan has lamented about on the Velamma members comments section whereby he was not impressed with current Veena episode and wanted Velamma instead.

    • Yea I have no interest in Veena story either, just Velamma so this is a tough wait

    • Indeed and the thing is, I *like* Veena, but it doesn’t *feel* like a Veena-type story and more like something that would happen to Velamma. We already filled up a comments section (or two) before talking about each character’s theme, so I won’t repeat myself and leave it that it’d been more her thing if she’d either suckered the hypnotist into hypnotizing himself before he’d mess with her and/or maybe make a nerd *think* he was hypnotized into being more confident or make an uptight woman (ex. landlady) loosen up.

      • Creating a story whereby the drawn Veena character has the personality of Velamma is something one might come to expect from the writers. Perhaps because of leaning on too long to the Velamma formula they are unable to come up with a plot that would accommodate Veena’s true character.

        • Perhaps, which brings the question of *why* even star Veena in the first place?
          Thing is (and yes, I know “it’s just porn,”) the whole point of using a different character is for a fresh perspective. Korra from “The Legend of Korra” was created as the polar opposite (pun not intended) from her predecessor, Aang from “Avatar The Last Airbender” and that contrast became even sharper as the series went on.
          In my own case, the MC of the first (of four) series is basically on an elite, mythological level while the second is closer to Batman or James Bond in using her wits and gadgets to trick those same god-level opponents with thousands of years of experience/an elite due to the mind rather than body and the fourth is the exact opposite of the first as “one of the little people” in that she has a below-average background and powers that are initially mocked though eventually proves to be FAR more dangerous with them due to her resourcefulness to the point of dropping similar elites.
          …Point being, Veena is a starkly different character than Vela just as Vela is to Savita and we’ve already stated/brainstormed how other characters can be their own thing/represent different themes.

          • Its the same old shit : The MC (usually Velamma but in this episode Veena) somehow crosses paths with an ugly fuck/pervert and ends up getting fucked by that loser. Have just finished reading episode 84 where Vela somehow winds up seeing another ugly fucker in the form of a shrink and the rest is history. (Which repeats itself yet again!)

          • I wouldn’t be surprised if they went “oh people say they want something new” which they just took as “we already had this Velamma story here, fuck it, replace her with Veena” no different than the Replace function in Microsoft Word.

          • I have been following both your discussion for quite a while. And I agree with you. In the episode 91. When the furniture lady was with alex there was some interracial innuendo in dialogue there but that was only for 6 panels. Why cant they do it for savita or hell why not have Veena or even shobha have star in a comic with alex.

          • First of all, Thank You for keeping up with us (it can’t have been easy,) and sometimes even *I’m* surprised with how long/detailed our convos go.
            Second, to answer your question: Kirtu seems to have their collective head in the sand/up their own ass in catering to a *tiny* group of basic mofos rather than write fresher stories to encourage a bigger fanbase, which if you’ve read enough of our convos know how we talked about each woman having their own theme that would do both that *and* flesh each out to be more distinct than just having different hair (i.e. Shobha traveling and/or being involved with different rich people) as the comic keeps mentioning Annie being white yet the Indian cast has been drawn so light-skinned that there’s no real difference.
            To my knowledge, Alex fucked Savita once in the hospital and Veena before that while he *wanted* to do Vela as well, buuuut Kirtu seems fixated on cranking out more ugly-ass, one-off fucks (even if they look like previous one-offs like the TSA agent from #56 looking identical to the cop from #77), some of which might even look like Kirtu’s crew/customers or returning unlikeable guys like Vela’s brother-in-law instead of building decent-looking recurring male characters that also fit a certain type like the young energetic bad boy that fucks a lot yet anxiously vs. the older mature man that fucks less frequently but better.

          • The interracial theme unfortunately is not one of kirtu’s strong points (of which there are very few). Besides it being on a very small proportion of the many episodes released during kirtu’s nearly decade long existence, most of these interracial episodes have been of mediocre quality as far as the plots have been concerned. Concepts like characteristics of the different cultures, physical feature comparisons between the different race groups involved, typical behavioural traits, personality traits between Indians and whites for example have not been properly analysed (if they were done so). With this lack of research, the potential for interracial innuendo (which I am also a fan of) is severely compromised.This has lead to such lacklustre episodes being churned out. One therefore gets the impression that all sex scenes are homogenous ie there seems to be no difference if Savita copulates with Alex or one of the male indian characters.
            It is a pity that no other comic site features indian characters in interracial scenes. There is so much potential if not in India then maybe in countries where a lot of Indians reside eg. in my home country South Africa.

          • Episode 93 for Savita has just been released. Hope it includes interracial innuendo. Glad to see ashok cast in the role of cuckold. Always felt he was suited for the role. Lets hope the artist has come to the party by drawing appropriate attributes iro the cuckold (ashok) and the stud (Alex).

          • I just read it myself, so sad how awful the plot was and how unrealitstic it was

          • A few points to ponder on that episode : 1. The reason for ramesh no longer in his job. In episode 80 (where Velamma is fucked by the janitor) ramesh boldly declares to his boss that he quits after making the decision on his accord. His anger issue in no way comes to the fore there as well. In episode 84 the narrator states he was fired because of his lousy temper. What the fuck is going on here? 2. Why does Vela have to see a shrink? Its ramesh that’s got a problem, not her. I don’t see what this “baggage” issue has to do with ramesh behaving like he’s constipated. Annie got ramesh to meditate which is an adequate way to control his temper. 3. Is it necessary for Velamma to see another shrink instead of Annie. I don’t profess to be an expert in the field,but would it not make more sense for both husband and wife to see the same psychiatrist so that she can analyse things from each of their points of view? Whatever is “unethical” about this not made clear. 4. When Vela’s shrink starts to behave like a pervert is she so gullible not to read his motives? After countless encounters with such sex pests I’m sure she would have noticed the perverted expression on his ugly face and at least would have questioned his behaviour. She can’t be that stupid. Whomever dreamed this episode up should not be involved in adult literature as it insults the intelligence of the average reader around the world.

          • In a series with unfortunately alot of stupid plots and lazy writing, this episode might have been near the top. All those reasons you said are correct, I just dont understand how the psychiatrist just out right removes her clothes as soon as she sits down and they just go straight to sex. Is Vela that much of a slut now she just fucks as soon as shes touched?

          • It’s the same old crap that has been dished out for years which O-Kei and myself have been pointing out : 1. The use of countless ugly fucks (1 episode wonders) who Velamma has to have sex with. 2. The use of ramesh as a catalyst for her to copulate with such fuckers in order to clean up the mess created by him as a result of his shortcomings (greed, lack of foresight, laziness, lack of discipline etc.) as has been the case in many past episodes. 3. The inane reasons (like in episode 84 with Velamma and the shrink) why Velamma ends up having sex. 4. The rushing of the sex acts as a result of lazy writing instead of creating a “gradual build up” which would make the “climax” (the actual sex) all the more enjoyable. All these concepts seem to be lost in the minds of the plot creators as far as it goes.

          • Spot on as usual, the rush to the sex I think is the worst in this episode, like it’s so unrealistic and unenjoyable as a viewer, I just dont get it. I’ve accepted that they are probably just going with the Vela is just a sex hungry slut nowadays route instead of shy milf, but atleast bulid up the sex scenes

          • Velamma’s character has been spoilt somewhat given the plots that were outlined for the past few episodes. Episode 81 I felt was the turning point which revealed her adopted slutishness. Whereby she got turned on by the sight of a near nude Annie and proceeded to fuck the pervert salesman. Her infatuation with Annie is what irks me the most about how things currently are. Vela is supposed to be the most innocent of all kirtu women yet that title seems to belong to Annie an American women whom one would expect to be anything but innocent.

          • you read my mind again, I was going to ask what is with this obession she has with Annie now all of a sudden, just doesnt make any sense at all.

          • This obsession with Annie probably reflects that of the kirtu personnel and a lot of their members (read middle aged indian men) that have an obsession with white women. The innocent and submissive character bestowed upon Annie is most likely how they would wish most white women to be. However this is not usually the case in the real world. From personal experience I’ve noticed that most white women tend to be less conservative, more open minded and bold than Annie’s character. A perfect example I’d like to share with you was when a white lady made a pass at my mom many years ago.

          • Indeed, there’s a difference between “I don’t want to be offensive/be called a racist” naivete/openmindedness and “I will let these pervy locals grind into my ass” submissiveness that just DOESN’T culturally exist in America/the West. There’d be a “stir,” to say the least even/especially if she knew it was her new friend’s husband.
            I’ve probably talked about how Japan also has a white woman fetish where they’re seen as bubbly blonde bimbos contrasting the Yamato Nadeshiko w/o also (somehow) being so Japanified that they *only* speak Japanese and either lost the ability to speak English or was raised in Japan and never learned it, which is crazy-implausible both due to English being a lingua franca and the number of military bases being essentially Americatowns even if said gaijin’s not military.
            We already said this before so I’ll be brief: Annie was designed PURELY as a contrast/sidekick to Savita down to personality, so she doesn’t “work” around anyone else (*especially* Vela) and is too blatantly Foreign Fanservice.

          • According to a posting in the Kirtu – Members forum one of the members was in favour of the creation of a series based on Annie. He highlighted 2 themes that could be used : 1. Annie with young boys and, 2. Annie due to her fetish for indian women going out with Milfs like Velamma. Does seem like good ideas. I can only hope that kirtu do not duplicate a series like Velamma with all its crappy ideas and Annie having to end up with a multitude of ugly fucks as Vela was forced to do. This Annie series should have Annie fulfilling the role of a “white Savita Bhabhi” who initiates the sexual encounters rather than being the “innocent victim” which has been common with the Velamma series.

          • I’m still partial to the idea of Annie *knowing* she’s been a sidekick/too submissive and seeking to “be her own Savita” in forwardness yet still with her own flavor such as playing up her “foreign-ness” and other times taking on a more Indian fashion style for whichever situation works. Besides w/o Kirtu will actually *do* the idea, I’m wary they really know how white women *actually* would be have (as they’ve been too horny to concentrate,) but at least it’s food for thought. Already I can imagine an issue like an Indian boy that’s seen too much “Baywatch,” soap operas and the like to expect a blonde bimbo then along comes Annie that nixes some of those ideas and plays into others like being provocative enough to jerk him off while he drives a convertible, helping an Indian girl be more self-confident/provocative, calling out a playboy that thinks he’s got women figured out after being used to so many submissive local girls who then becomes pathetically desperate for her or a lonely married woman that reminds her of Velamma (though with an appreciable difference in appearance,) that she becomes just as close with including spending the night together in a spacious home, (possible the playboy’s mother) where Annie helps fuck her in ways she’s never felt before and also falls in love with Annie because of it. That’s all literally off the top of my head, so you can see where this could go.

          • One of the episodes in the series could also include Alex. A story I had in mind was whereby Annie assists Alex at the clinic where he works by filling in for nurse Neetu who is on leave. They have a threesome with 30 something mom who has come in for a checkup. The mom is accompanied by her 12 year old son who sits in the waiting room outside the examination room where the mom goes. The kid therefore does not see what is happening between his mom and doctor & nurse, but he hears his mom moaning and/or giggling but does not understand why. Furthermore Annie comes out of the examination room (wearing an article of moms clothing eg her blouse as a matter of coincidence) to briefly attend to something eg see if the kid wants coffee or check her emails before going back.

          • I like it. Doesn’t it seem odd to you that Neetu *seems* like she’d be more prominent in the issues given how detailed her look yet isn’t for whatever reason? She has a more distinct look than Shobha yet all we’ve seen is a panty shot. Also, I’d like it if the son (or being a nephew without raising the woman’s age,) was legal so if he doesn’t get so horny he does Annie in the (empty) waiting room/bathroom/closet there, he does her in a following issue. It’d be pretty kinky for him to get blown by the same mouth that had just eaten out his mom/aunt.

          • I’d prefer he remain adolescent because of it reflecting the naivety and innocence on the kid’s part as he does not understand exactly what is happening to mom on the other side of the wall due to her verbal expressions of sexual pleasure/orgasms. All he knows is that the doctor and nurse are examining his mom as she told him earlier which he understands from past visits to the clinic. Also even though he notices the white lady Annie wearing his indian mom’s blouse briefly when she comes out and thinks its odd, he does not dwell too long on wondering why it is. When his mom finally emerges from the examination room he notices that she has a strange smile on her face and appears to be bubbly and vibrant (classical signs of a woman after experiencing most satisfying sex). This display of happiness by his mom tends to rub of on the kid in a positive way as she was not in such a good mood prior to the examination and he welcomes such future visits to the clinic and doctor Alex and Annie especially with his mom.

          • I get that, but maybe there’s both a naïve kid *and* his legal older brother/cousin that gets it, but doesn’t tell the kid and tries to get some, too. Annie as the sex mentor to a virgin Indian teen might be hot as/hotter than Vela or Savita. I KNOW Kirtu would eat that up.

          • Or if the series goes long enough eg. up to 3 years we could have the same kid both naive and legal after 3 years with Annie being his mentor educating about sex until performing the actual thing with him when he reaches legal age. In another episode we could have 2 brothers (which you proposed) of a different mom. One naive and one of legal age.

          • Maybe, but I question/doubt Kirtu have that kind of memory/commitment. On a different note, this issue had my eyes ROLLING over the Rasputin-looking guy, Veena’s cattiness/desperation to *steal* Alex and unless Alex and Annie have a rule/agreement about sleeping around like “don’t do someone without me,” Alex being cautious about cheating doesn’t make sense. Also sidebar, but Kirtu probably didn’t know/wasn’t thinking when they gave the couple the last name “Jones” because while that undeniably *is* a common last name, “Alex Jones” is the same name of an INFAMOUS kook here in America that you can Google/Wiki, but the gist is he’s a conspiracy theorist who among other beliefs, claimed the Sandy Hook Shooting was faked to increase gun control (“crisis actors”) and lost custody of his kids because of how abusive he was at home as he wouldn’t admit the show’s a spectacle for fear of losing his audience.

          • Boils down to one of the same old flaws with kirtu : their lack of proper research. In this case choosing non indian characters. I feel that Alex and Annie are being overused as well and need to be supported by other non indian characters. Hello kirtu! Does the name Brock ring a bell?

          • Yeah even *I* almost forgot about him since we last talked about him! It’s the *exact* same thing as how anime/hentai makes white people blonde, blue-eyed and usually old money aristocrat-rich. And I get the feeling that Kirtu’s white fetish is mixing with the thing about Indian doctors, so Alex is like a diamond-encrusted gold unicorn in desirability compared to a greasy mechanic even if he is white, let alone a non-stereotypical Black man (and yes, I’m thinking about those story ideas I mentioned before in addition to the servant from Savita’s dream even if he didn’t *look* cringeworthy).
            Kirtu really needs to quit jacking off to the same models for inspiration and hit up Boobpedia or LanasBigBoobs or something for a wider variety of models. Also speaking of models, they could bring back the runway models as that’s the only time we’ve seen an East Asian woman and a different white woman even if they’re apparently lesbians.

          • The kowtowing to old colonialist ideals is still prevalent in the indian way of thinking unfortunately and will take time to be fully eradicated. Although some progress has been to done move away from that influence there are still some people that still hold onto it. Unfortunately some of those people belong to kirtu. Hence we have these outdated ideas in their episodes with black men being cast as servants (Savita’s dream) and white men like Alex being treated like Gods and used in multiple episodes while the “Brock type” ones are limited as “one episode wonders.” Methinks that episode with Brock was to fulfil a fetish viz Velamma having sex in a filthy place with someone covered in grease like Brock was at the moment. I feel that kirtu made a boob there in casting Vela’s first interracial with a lowly status (read mechanic) person. I consider this ironic given their worship of white men. In addition to those websites you mentioned kirtu should also look at tv programs in western countries to understand their cultures as well analyse the typical behaviour of the people there. As well as engaging with Indians (like myself) living in these countries to understand non Indians a lot better than they are currently reflecting them in their comics.

          • Yes to all of that but specifically: 1. That kind of self-hatred/internalization is a mother and I believe I’ve said before how it’s affected Black Americans especially when it comes to hair and skin tone, 2. Yup, Brock’s episode was a filth fetish given the prominent grease stains put on her as they had no idea what to do with him even with other “manly man” ideas they could’ve used like fucking on a camping trip in the raw parts of nature and 3. But they’re too lazy/ignorant to bother doing such research even if it paid off in making the characters more distinct, namely white people like Annie and do more with the culture clash. I mean as much pop culture as America exports, you’d think they’d pick up on more than just blue eyes and big tits. Hell, *China’s* started to idolize ’80s sitcoms and the like, so Kirtu has NO excuse.

          • The new Velamma episode is out. Promises to be anything but new judging from the plot. Looks like a copy and paste plot from the art episode (episode 61). I don’t mind seeing once off female characters but I have had it up to my eyeballs with these ugly fuck dime a dozen male indian characters that are being continuously regurgitated time and time again. When oh when are they going to stop this shit?

          • Until they actually get bored or lose too much money to ignore (the latter more likely than the former,) but at least the new woman looks good and different enough compared to the clones from the spa ep. That and not more “paint-play” will be enough for me in the best case scenario.

          • Wouldn’t mind if its just her and the new woman. Don’t know why they had to include that ugly fuck.

          • Because there’s probably guys at Kirtu that *look* like that. For a writer/artist, etc. it’s faaaaar too easy/tempting to make Gary Stu/pet characters that are implausibly talented, lucky and otherwise privileged within the story, so odds are, every time you think, “WHY/HOW this ugly fuck is here and getting to do that?” He probably looks like the web designer or something. Hopefully, his role won’t be *too* in the way.

          • Any bets for easy she is con’d into having sex w/ the sleazy ball + her being extremely easy to be forced into a threesome?

          • No surprises here in this episode for certain. That we can be sure of. Oh so predictable. Yawn.

          • I forgot to mention but I think we had a dicussion previously about Vela just letting men cum in her, well in episode 85 they FINALLY show signs of what the results are

          • Perhaps Vela should think of having a hysterectomy. Continuously taking the pills can have unpleasant side effects.

          • That’s basically betting if water’s wet. The therapist issue in particular was Kirtu basically/lazily giving up all effort to be in-character/have sexual tension that Vela’s starting to show less resistance than a hentai character!

          • Looks like the “ugly fuck” production line is here to stay for a while to massage the egos of certain kirtu patrons. Why the fuck can’t they at least take a leaf out of the Savita Bhabhi episodes? Have to admit the past few of these episodes have been impressive if one compares them to Velamma series. Positive idea executions include : 1. The concept of ashok being cast in the role of cuckold which I always felt suited him given his lack of enthusiasm and inability to service Savita. In addition we get to see his shortcomings and feelings of inferiority iro attempting to seduce women eg saleslady in episode 91 and him realising Alex has a bigger tool than him in the same episode. 2. The role of Alex as Savita’s partner (both business and sexual) has been managed well so far. He also has managed to fuck other indian women along the way satisfying the interracial theme. 3. To a lesser extent the use of ideas like having a BBC (a real black African and not some dark skinned indian) in the series for the first time ever (even though it was very brief) along with highlighting the sexual performance shortcomings of old men like the foreman in episode 90. I would like to think that these ideas were executed as a result of the comments we posted over the last few months.

          • Because they’re *lazy,* just like how quickly/effortlessly the sex happened in the therapy issue. It’d be one thing if after ALL the issues, she finally resigned herself and gave up all pretense of being the “innocent Indian housewife,” (which she DID show signs of grappling with the ease of how often she gets fucked,) but she’s basically become Savita 2 though I *do* like the change of pace in the welding issue that Arjun is very clearly *not* a sleazy conman and reacted sanely to Vela bitterly asking him if he wanted a blowjob. *That’s* closer to the “Angel of Mercy” she used to be.
            As for Savita, yeah, 1. cuckold porn isn’t my thing, (sites like “IncelTears” spell out a LOT of the obsession being cuckold, especially racially,) *but* it CLEARLY fits Ashok like a glove given both that time with the pizza guy and how much in general he seems unwilling or incapable of pleasing Savita, so this is the natural conclusion. 2. Indeed, Alex actually has a *reason* to be so close to Savita beyond coincidence/proxy to Annie and *actual* chemistry while still getting some on the side to remind the audience and show Ashok why he’s not just the handsome white guy. 3. Hopefully, ’cause it’s getting stale. Also when I used to write sex stories, part of the challenge (in a good way to make things interesting,) was being more realistic in that the guy(s) either had to find ways to stave off cumming, the time spent recovering for another round and how the main character had to tactically ration their energy when fucking multiple times in the same day/night as it’d be gradually taking a toll on him (ex. he has a sudden threesome with a couple teenage girls in a limo then does their moms/aunts later on at a party which was about 5 or so women one at a time with plenty of breaks and he is DRAINED by the next morning.)

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