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  1. HLO…Is the Owner DEAD!!!

  2. When are you lot going to update this ep? It’s being nearly a month already

  3. why admin you dont update we all wating hurry and hello frends if my whatapp 9717170504

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  5. Are they ever going to update this episode?

  6. UPDATE THE EPISODE!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Has something happen to this website?

  8. Can anyone confirm if this episode is going to be updated soon?

  9. WTF is this…. UPDATE THE EPISODE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s being a month already

  10. Can anyone tell me when this episode is getting updated or something has happened to this website?

  11. PLZ UPDATE THIS EPISODE!!!!!!!!!!!!!’

  12. The website seems to be okay since they posted the next episode….. But I don’t know why it’s taking them so long to update this one

    • Ok…..but they never took this long to update a episode

  13. He doesn’t have membership anymore i presume..

  14. why is the episode not updated yet

    • Admin membership expired

      • When can we expect the update?

      • So the episode definitely getting updated?

      • Is this episode getting updated or not?

  15. When is the update coming for this episode?

  16. Will they ever update this?

  17. When will the admin update this? Or are they given up on this website

  18. Update the episode. Why is it taking this long?

  19. Pls update the episode it’s been over a month now plus the next episode has also been out for 2 weeks

  20. Atleast tell us that when can we expect the update?

  21. It seems my 4 th generation will get the update

  22. Hi. What hhappene for the update.. Plz tell us the reason for this much delay

  23. Bro 133 image is missing
    Re-upload this

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