Miss Rita Episode 5 Little Black Dress

Miss Rita episode 5 “Little Black Dress” – Things are getting more and more dangerous for the lovely Miss Rita. Someone is dictating what she has to wear to work and she doesn’t know who. When she gets to school in her little black dress it gets her all the wrong attention. It gets Rino …


Miss Rita Episode 4 Student-Teacher Relations

Miss Rita’s new Job gets even more complicated in this Episode. Not only does she have feelings for Sanjay but she has to satisfy the Principals every desire to keep her job. And now one of her students is flirting with her and she is having fantasies about him. Then it gets really serious when …


Miss Rita Episode 3 The Parent Teacher Meeting

Things are getting tricky for Miss Rita at Millenium University. She is juggling too many balls at once. The principals balls seem to need juggling daily and now she has inappropriate student attention a handsome new teacher and a parent teacher meeting with a naughty students father to attend to. Will she manage to keep …


Miss Rita Episode 2 Pulling a Savita Bhabhi

When Miss Rita finds a naughty student Danni slacking in class, the last thing she expected to be distracting him was a Savita Bhabhi comic. Things take another turn when Danni confesses that the reason for his doing bad in class is his attraction to Rita herself. Soon Rita finds herself having to counsel rather …


Miss Rita Episode 1 The Interview

Rita Malhotra. Her dream – to make a difference in the world by teaching. Her ambition – to become a top lecturer in one of the top universities in India. Her obstacle – the final interview with the principal Raj. Miss Rita Episode 1 The Interview When Rita moves from her small town to the …


Savita Bhabhi Episode 83 Friends Share Everything

Savita Bhabhi Comics lovers here is the new episode comes up i.e Savita Bhabhi Episode 83 in which we can see that savita is with two other girls. Well the subtitle of the episode is Friends Share Everything. Lets See that what they are here talking about sharing.