Velamma Episode 77 Booze & Boobs

Velamma porn comics lovers here is the new episode of velamma aunty i.e Velamma Episode 77 and the title of the comics is booze boobs snuggling smuggling. From the cover we can see that velamma is enjoying with Police Officer.

Miss Rita Episode 10 The Rivalry

When the day began Miss Rita was feeling good about herself. She had overheard a student talking about the hottest teacher on campus and assumed it was her. Turns out there is a new Busty teacher on campus and Rita is going to have a hard time keeping the men she is seeing interested with …


Miss Rita Episode 9 Head of the Class

Miss Rita has been playing with fire recently and it looks like she may just get burnt! For weeks now she has been seeing her student Rino and a fellow teacher Sanjay. Sanjay is a sweet, caring attentive boyfriend and Rino is a wild, exciting and dangerous fuck buddy. This episode see’s these two worlds …


Miss Rita Episode 8 Talking Dirty

In this eigth episode of Miss Rita the sexy teacher gets a new look! It’s a Rainy Sunday afternoon and Rita is getting restless when there is a knock at the door and her neighbor is asking her for a favor. Meanwhile her dirty minded student Rino can not leave his poor misguided teacher alone …


Miss Rita Episode 7 Hide & Seek

Miss Rita Episode 7 “Hide and seek” has Miss Rita between a rock and a very hard place as her student Rino continues to play with her and make her see to his every sexual desire so her new love interest Sanjay doesn’t find out about him. Will Rita be caught out and dumped by …


Miss Rita Episode 6 Date Night

Miss Rita’s day starts off well with a free lift to work on the front of a bike ridden by the man she lusts for. Then her day get’s even better when Sanjay Asks her out on a date! So Miss Rita must spend the day trying to avoid the other men in her life …