Veena Episode 4 The Girl Next Door

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Savita Bhabhi Episode 40 Another Honeymoon

Ashok has had his fun with Savita’s best friend Shobha but now all the dirty little secrets are out of the bag and Shobha must try to convince the Married couple to get together and show each other just how good of a lover they can be. Ashok and Savita are sure to have learnt …


Savita Bhabhi Episode 26 The Photoshoot

Savita is the best secretary Mishraji has ever had. She’s punctual, hard-working, and she also gives excellent blowjobs. So when Savita asks for a promotion at work, Mishraji decides to give his favorite employee one last assignment before he can decide to promote her… Savita is put in charge of the company’s new ad shoot. …


Savita Bhabhi Episode 21: A Wife’s Confession

We all know Savita as the hot married bhabhi who does not mind letting men other than her husband Ashok ravish her in any way to fulfill her sexual appetite. But was Savita Bhabhi always the way she is? Savita Bhabhi Episode 21 A Wife’s Confession What made her go beyond the boundaries of her …


Savita Bhabhi Episode 60 A Family Affair

After returning from their oversexed vacation, Savita and her family try to get life back to normal. But when Ayush and Ashok head to the city to share the souvenirs they brought back with family friends, Savita and Pooja find themselves alone with Uncleji and Samar…and the bad habits they picked on holiday land them …


Savita Bhabhi Episode 11 : Savita in Shimla

Savitha bhabi and husband are planning a trip to Shimla but it got cancelled. At night, she dreams that she is in Shimla with skiing on. While practicing, a stranger comes and kidnaps her. She has been under the cover of the terrorists.