Saath Kahaniya Episode 7 – The Finale

When nobody believed nerdy Bunty’s sex tale, he had to prove it with a mms video he had saved. But that proof came with consequences: the revelation that Bunty’s cock was larger than life. When the group dares him to whip it out, the computer geek does so, making Delisha’s mouth water in the process. …


Saath Kahaniya Episode 3: Cricket

It all started with a cricket match! Prateek surprises the group by telling them how his love for cricket actually led to the best and the most unique sexual experience of his life. In true Lagaan style this is the episode for all you cricket fans out there. I’m sure this is the only adult …


Saath Kahaniya Episode 4 – Delisha

Hearing Prateek’s sexy experience gets Delisha really hot and she wastes no time in getting her boyfriend Rohit back to thier room and out of his clothes. She is one girl who really loves SEX! But was Delisha always like this? What made her into the sex godess that she is? Rohit too had the …


Naughty Nurse Neetu

Naughty Nurse Neetu Kirtu Comics Hot Kirtu Comics Are Presenting the Naughty Nurse Nitu. Here this Bitch Nurse Encounter is explained how she fucked while working on the shift and hows she did this you guys need to read the rest of the pages.