Savita Bhabhi Episode 27 The Birthday Bash

What the best gift a guy can get on his birthday? The answer is two naughty girls willing to fulfill his every fantasy! It’s Tarun and Varun’s birthday this weekend, and Savita and Shobha have decided to throw a surprise party for their favorite lovers. But it’s the girls who are going to be the …


Savita Bhabhi Episode 25: The Uncle’s Visit

When Ashok’s uncle drops by for a month long visit; it is Savita’s duty to serve him… But when Kunal Uncle finds out about his beautiful bahu’s secret affairs, this simple family visit takes a whole new twist. It’s time for Savita to learn the secrets of being a good bahu from her dear Uncleji!!! …


Savita Bhabhi Episode 22: Shobha’s First Time

Here is the episode you all have been waiting for. With Shobha and Savita becoming such good friends, it was about time that Savita helped her younger friend lose her virginity. But who will be the lucky person who gets to deflower this young virgin. Will it be Manoj, one of the twins or maybe …


Savita Bhabhi Episode 19: Savita’s Wedding

At a friends wedding reception, Savita notices the handsome best man and gets a flashback about her own wedding. It was the usual stuff with her friends wondering how the sexually adventurous Savita (with many hot examples) would finally settle down with just one man! Savita Bhabhi Episode 19: Savita’s Wedding However the entry of …


Savita Bhabhi Episode 16 Double Trouble

Savitha bhabi gets some new neighbors in their apartment and she is into having some sexual fun with them. A couple came to their home saying that, their sons are staying in one of the apartment and it would be kind if they are looked upon at times.