Savita Bhabhi Episode 8 The Interview

In this episode, Savita Bhabhi is getting ready to face an interview. She wants to explore new and new people in having sex. This time, who is she going to seduce. She wears a sexy dress to attend the interview. Her friend gives the introduction to the company’s CEO and he is attracted with Savita …


Savita Bhabhi Episode 56 Only for You

While re-reading some of the adventures that proved most popular with her fans, Savita realizes something: That maybe the fans themselves would like an unforgettable sexual experience with Savita Bhabhi! And since she’s ever-appreciative of all her support over the years, Savita does just that! Seducing the actual reader this special issue, Savita gives every …


Savita Bhabhi Episode 57

Patel Patriarch Kunal treats his family to a holiday abroad, inviting Ashok and Savita, and Kunal’s son Ayush and his new wife Pooja. Things get off to a rocky start when Pooja catches her husband flirting with girls at the resort, so Savita suggests a plan to counter Ayush’s wandering eye: skimpy bikinis for both …


Savita Bhabhi Episode 50 Back to the Beginning!

SB fanatics will always remember the Bra Salesman. Well you will see him in this episode. 3 young men went to a bar to have a party when they notice a guy that resembles the Bra Salesman. They’ve approached the guy and they wouldn’t believe that his the Bra Salesman from Savita Bhabhi first episode. …


Savita Bhabhi Episode 47

Savita Bhabhi – Episode 47 Savita reunites with an old school crush Savita’s ten year school reunion promises to be a sexy one as she meets up with all friends and old crushes and tries to reconnect with a teacher she had a crush on when she was in school!